The Plot Bunnies are a small group of female authors who regularly meet to offer ideas and support for each other as they write and publish stories that range from historical and contemporary romances to young adult fiction.


Plot Bunnies

  • Brand Design Exploration
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Color Palette Development
  • Typography Selection
  • Custom Brand Patterns & Icons
  • Marketing Design

what I did

Since their first story plotting session, these ladies have used small crocheted stuffed bunnies to help them moderate and share their brainstorming ideas during their lively discussions. Wanting to commemorate the group's formation and offer each other additional storytelling materials, I developed a logo featuring an illustration of their adorable little stuffed bunnies. And as no two bunnies (crocheted or human) are alike, the logo comes in a variety of colors pulled directly from the group's tiny mascots.


The Creative Brief

let's do this!

Let's build you a brand that's not only beautiful, but is also effective!

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