Echatri Press is the publishing house of TJ Carr, author of fantasy and paranormal young adult fiction. Born from the Old Irish word "eachtra" which means adventure tale, it reflects the types of stories TJ writes, as well as her Scotch-Irish heritage.


Echatri Press

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  • Typography Selection
  • Custom Brand Patterns & Icons

what I did

Echatri Press shares tales of adventure, of otherwordly journeys featuring alternate realities, mythical beings, and magical lands. A description that sounds a lot like the country from which the brand draws its name. Ireland is a land where you'll find ancient stories woven into every wave that crashes upon its rugged shores, every whisper of the wind as it crosses a field of heather, and every beam of ethereal light as its bathes unworldly forests. And guiding you through the land's four seasons are the cardinal directions of Echatri's Celtic quaternary knot.


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